Commercial cleaning glossary updated:

Commercial cleaning glossary

Commercial cleaning is a crucial element to successful businesses. Businesses that are not properly cleaned or maintained will lose customers and staff.

That is why Advanced Cleaning of Montana focuses on bringing the very best commercial cleaning services to Billings, Montana and commercial cleaning Columbus, Montana.

Acid – In terms of cleaning, acid is used in products that remove rust, hard water stains and also it is used in toilet bowl cleaners.

Acid Hardness – A chemical reaction to acid that creates a harder more resistant surface on materials like tile and concrete. Very useful for protecting these surfaces from wear and tear. Calcium carbonate and lime present in the tile or concrete react to the acid and become a much harder material called silicon quartz.

Antiseptic – Any product that can destroy bacteria and germs. Products must contain low phenol coefficients to be able to work properly as an antiseptic.

Bacteria – Single cell organisms that can exist on surfaces. Not all bacteria is harmful, however, encountering dangerous bacteria can cause a litany of health issues and even death.

Contaminated – Any space that has been made unclean through infectious means. The most common contaminated spaces are in the medical field.

Disinfectant – A temporary solution for freeing a surface of bacteria, especially infectious bacteria. Technically disinfectant is the same as germicide.

Fungicide – A product that can kill fungi or fungus on contact.

Germ – A microorganism that can cause disease. Germs are one of the main reasons to hire a commercial cleaning company instead of relying on employees.

Inorganic – Any matter that is derived from nonliving material.

Mold – The fuzzy or wiry growth that comes from fungi. Mold is dangerous to health.

Microfiber Cloths – The best cleaning cloths are microfiber as they can get down into the lowest level to remove grime and dirt. Regular cleaning cloths spread things around, however microfiber cloths grab the residue and remove it all together.

Sanitary – Absence of germs, disease or fungus. A truly clean surface is sanitary.

That’s what we have for our Commercial Cleaning Glossary for now. We will update this page regularly with terms common in our industry.